Programs & Services

NECC-AD strives to provide all children with the most effective intervention and education available. Our overriding goal is to provide state-of-the-art Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) when teaching children with autism, thereby increasing their abilities to function and communicate successfully with as much independence as possible.

NECC-AD Center-Based Program

For children as young as age 3, NECC-AD provides 30 hours per week of intensive instruction.  The Program is in session 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday all year, including summer months.   Using teaching strategies based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis the NECC-AD Center-Based Program strives to help students develop the skills necessary to be successful learners in regular classroom settings.

  • Utilizing the Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE®), instruction focuses on the areas of communication, pre-academic, social, play, and self-help skills.
  • Instruction is provided in both English and Arabic
  • Instructional formats include naturalistic incidental learning, discrete trials and other structured opportunities
  • Group instruction is introduced gradually and systematically.
  • Opportunities for peer social interaction are systematically introduced and practiced.
  • Parent involvement is strongly encouraged and regular contact with parents occurs both in the Center and in the family home.
  • Islam instruction is also provided, as appropriate to the age and skill level of each child.

Transition and Inclusion Program

The goal for every child is to reach maximum potential and independence, and for many children this includes integration into a regular school.  Each NECC-AD student is evaluated with respect to a set of criteria that predict future success in a regular school environment.  When a student meets the criteria for integration into a regular school, our Transition and Integration Program assists in making this life change by ensuring a sustained level of support for the child.

  • The child is slowly introduced into the regular school with the support of the NECC-AD teacher
  • Program focuses on generalization and maintenance of skills learned at NECC-AD to the new school setting and people
  • Training and consultation to staff of the new school as needed