How Can I Help


NECC-AD offers a limited number of volunteer opportunities. The purpose of the NECC-AD volunteer program is to expose volunteers to exemplary services for children with autism based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Volunteer opportunities will be arranged on an individualized basis. Long-term volunteers who will work directly with the children must successfully complete the NECC-AD training program. Long-term volunteers will be expected to make a minimum commitment of 3 months.

Short-term volunteers may assist with specific events, such as Autism Awareness Month campaign, National Day Celebration, and other outreach events. Short-term volunteers will not work directly with children except under the direct observation of NECC-AD staff.


Donations to NECC of any amount will help us prepare the best possible learning environment for our students on their journey forward to a more fulfilling life. This support allows the children and their dedicated teachers to carry out the intensive teaching that helps them advance by leaps and bounds.